Bimbisara Movie Review

Bimbisara is an Indian Telugu language fantasy action movie based on the ancient legend of the ruthless king Bimbisara. It is a story about a king who travels through time. This king is a ruthless tyrant who wants to conquer the kingdoms of the region.lifeline hospital

‘Bimbisara’ is directed by Mallidi Vashist, who is a debutant. The film is produced by N. T. R. Arts, with a 40 crore budget bitsandboxes .

There is a lot of hype surrounding the release of this film. The trailer gave high expectations for the movie. A lot of fans are expecting Bimbisara to be a big hit. However, the movie fails to live up to expectations. Despite a promising start, the movie loses steam after the second half.

There is a lack of emotional complexity. Also, the romance between the main characters is not developed. And the film lacks a proper conflict.

The film is also filled with tacky visual effects. At times, the scenes look like they were shot in a theme park. These elements add to the overall feel of the film. But it has some surprising moments.

One of the highlights of the film is the time-travel element. Unlike other movies, Bimbisara uses the mirror as a medium to move through time.

Another highlight is Kalyan Ram’s performance. He embodies the character of King Bimbisara. Compared to his recent movies, he does a good job.

In addition to the leading stars, the film has a good supporting cast. Chammak Chandra, Brahmaji and Vennela Kishore are some of them.