How to Create the Best Restaurant Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to restaurant marketing, the best restaurants don’t just sell their food. They create experiences that engage diners and drive repeat business. So, how do you do that?

One of the easiest ways is to build a social media presence. This allows you to communicate directly with your patrons. Using the right social platforms can help you tap into the millions of people who use them every day.

For a streamlined experience, consider using pre-made templates for typography and layout. You can also consider scheduling tools for posts.

Another great way to reach out to your customers is via video. You can create short snippets of your food and post them online to increase engagement. If you want to make your videos stand out, you can use augmented reality (AR) technology.

Another effective tactic is to build a social community by participating in food festivals. This can be an ideal way to expand your customer base and gain positive word of mouth.

It’s no secret that millennials are a fan of nostalgia, and a good restaurant marketing campaign should pay homage to this fact. In a campaign that included free drinks and loungewear, McDonald’s successfully tapped into this nostalgia.

The McDonald’s campaign also came with the ol’ slickest touch. Rather than the usual digital signage, they used a “smoke trail” to guide customers towards their favorite burger.

Other restaurant marketing campaigns are more modest in their approach. However, the best ones have a nifty gimmick or two, such as the aforementioned TikTok app.