What Is a Formal Shirt?

A formal shirt is a shirt designed for formal occasions. The garments are usually button-up and have a stiff collar. They are usually worn with a tie. Typically, a black or white tie is worn with a formal shirt.

Formal shirts are made of lustrous material. The fabric is stitched in a variety of ways. The front of the shirt is rectangular, and there are U-shaped panels on the side.

Usually, a formal shirt has single or double cuffs. There are also several studs on the shirt. These studs are normally made of gold, silver, or pearl. However, they can be made of other materials.

Shirts are also available in a wide range of styles. Some feature stripes. Stripes are generally vertical, although horizontal stripes can be used. Many dress shirts are designed to be worn with a tie.

Unlike traditional shirts, the collar on formal shirts is detachable. This allows the wearer to show off his tie knot. It is sometimes called a cutaway collar.

While a formal shirt is usually a long sleeved garment, it can also be short sleeved. A short sleeved shirt is often considered casual during the summer months.

A formal shirt can be purchased at a number of retailers, such as a tailor’s shop. Depending on the type of shirt, a variety of patterns and colors can be chosen.

In the United States, a standard shirt has a single pocket. Usually, the shirt is made from cotton.